organizing for growth

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organizing for growth
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A successful organizational design emphasizes connectivity, relationship-building, the seamless flow of information, and efficient decision-making…
not power and status.


We know that the most effective organizations operate as vibrant networks.  In today’s reality, healthy companies behave more as living, evolving, complex adaptive organisms.  Allowing the organization to operate at its greatest effectiveness often means exerting less control, not more.    When the organization can quickly respond and adapt to new opportunities, it can achieve great things.

  1. Stronger economics

  2. More efficient & effective processes

  3. Greater collaboration

  4. Less bureaucracy

  5. More positive cultures

Dragonfly ORG can help your company understand and design an organizational physiology that allows your people to perform at their best.  We have a set of valuable capabilities to help our clients organize for growth.

  1. Strategy Development

  2. Organization Alignment

  3. Process Design & Improvement

  4. Change Management

  5. Culture Initiatives

  6. Transformational Events